Helpful Suggestions

Although cost is an important factor in choosing the right caterer, it shouldn’t be your only criteria. Here are some other important things to consider before making your decision:

Food quality and quantity – Does your caterer use only the highest quality meats and produce? Will there be enough food for all your guests?

Extra costs – What’s included in the per person price? What goods and/or services are extra (e.g. dishes, linens, equipment, staff, delivery surcharge)? Are these clearly outlined?

Food safety – Has your caterer’s kitchen been inspected and approved by VIHA? Have the people handling your food earned their Food Safe certificate?

Business licenses, GST # - Does your caterer have the required licenses and GST number?

Insurance and WCB coverage – Does your caterer have the appropriate insurance and WCB coverage?

Staff – Will your event have sufficient staff to ensure flawless service? Are they appropriately dressed and do they conduct themselves professionally?

References/Testimonials – Is your caterer able to provide these?

Your Relationship – Is your caterer easily available to you? Is your caterer open to your ideas and suggestions? Is your caterer knowledgeable? Is your caterer a Registered Chef? Do you have a comfortable working relationship?

Consider the time of year when choosing your menu. Offer your guests a lighter fare in the summer and heartier options in the cooler months.

Limit your selections - Although offering your guests four different main dishes might ensure that everyone will get their favourite, it adds cost to your menu and you will end up with far too much food going to waste. Two entrees or a maximum of three is usually plenty.

Planning a theme celebration? - Black and White Party Rentals has a unique and enormous selection of tablecloths and napkins to complement your theme. From elegant linen, damask and organza to exotic jewel-toned lame and satin, animal prints, playful picnic and western themes, florals and even racing checkers and everything in between, these tablecloths and napkins will set the tone perfectly.

Never underestimate the power of the internet! - Are you considering a theme but are having a hard time coming up with ideas? Why not type in a few words in your favourite search engine and let someone else’s imagination take over?

Can’t find menu items to fit your theme? - Let us make some suggestions or simply, in a pinch, take some well-known dishes and rename them to fit your theme (why just have roast beef when you could have Beef fit for a Pharaoh at your Egyptian theme party?).

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